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SPP Antibody

Signal peptide peptidase (SPP) catalyzes intramembrane proteolysis of some signal peptides after they have been cleaved from a preprotein, resulting in the release of the fragment from the ER membrane into the cytoplasm. SPP is required to generate lymphocyte cell surface (HLA-E) epitopes derived from MHC class I signal peptides. It may play a role in graft rejection (By similarity) [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q8TCT9].
histocompatibility minor 13
Minor histocompatibility antigen H13
:  H13 hIMP1 IMP1 IMP-1 IMPAS IMPAS-1 intramembrane protease 1 minor histocompatibility antigen 13 minor histocompatibility antigen H13 MSTP086 presenilin-like protein 3 PSENL3 PSL3 Signal peptide peptidase signal peptide peptidase beta signal peptide peptidase like 1 SPP SPPL1 More... Less...
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