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ICLN Antibody

Chloride channel nucleotide sensitive 1A (ICLN) is a protein that functions in multiple regulatory pathways. ICLN complexes with numerous cytosolic proteins and performs diverse functions including regulation of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein biosynthesis, platelet activation and cytoskeletal organization.ICLN is also found associated with the plasma membrane where it functions as a chloride current regulator [taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (Gene ID: 1207)].
chloride nucleotide-sensitive channel 1A
Methylosome subunit pICln
:  chloride channel regulatory protein chloride channel, nucleotide sensitive 1A chloride conductance regulatory protein ICln chloride ion current inducer protein CLCI CLNS1B i(Cln) ICln methylosome subunit pICln reticulocyte pICln reticulocyte protein ICln
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