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FOXP4 Antibody

Forkhead box P4 (FOXP4) belongs to subfamily P of the forkhead box (FOX) transcription factor family. Forkhead box transcription factors play important roles in the regulation of tissue- and cell type-specific gene transcription during both development and adulthood. Many members of the forkhead box gene family, including members of subfamily P, have roles in mammalian oncogenesis. FOXP4 may play a role in the development of tumors of the kidney and larynx [taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (GeneID:116113)].
forkhead box P4
Forkhead box protein P4
:  FLJ40908 fork head-related protein like A fork head-related protein-like A hFKHLA winged-helix repressor FOXP4
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