DATF1 Antibody

DATF1 (Death Associated Transcription Factor 1), also known as DIDO1 (Death-Inducer Obliterator 1), is a putative tumor suppressor associated with the induction of myeloid neoplasms. DATF1 (DIDO1) is one of 3 isoforms (DIDO1, 2, and 3) expressed from the DIDO gene and has been found to be involved in apoptosis and the accurate segregation of chromosomes during mitosis.
death inducer-obliterator 1
Death-inducer obliterator 1
:  BYE1 C20orf158 chromosome 20 open reading frame 158 DATF1 DATF-1 death associated transcription factor 1 death-associated transcription factor 1 DIDO2 DIDO3 DIO1 DIO-1 dJ885L7.8 FLJ11265 hDido1 KIAA0333
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