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CENP-J Antibody

CENP-J is a centromeric protein that has been reported to play a role in mitosis and transcription. CENP-J plays a role in normal spindle morphology, transcription, cell signaling, and lysosomal trafficking. CENP-J is reported to be an inhibitor of microtubule assembly and may function to regulate microtubule dynamics at the centrosomes. In transcription, CENP-J functions as a coactivator in Stat5- and NF-kappaB-mediated transcription. Mutations in CENP-J are associated with autosomal recessive microcephaly.
centromere protein J
Centromere protein J
:  BM032 CENP-J centromere protein J centrosomal P4.1-associated protein CPAP LAG-3-associated protein LAP LIP1 LYST-interacting protein 1 LYST-interacting protein LIP1 LYST-interacting protein LIP7 MCPH6 Sas-4 SASS4 SCKL4
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