TDP2 Antibody

TDP2 (5’-Tyr-DNA phosphodiesterase 2) is also known as TTRAP (TRAF and TNF receptor-associated protein). TTRAP is a DNA repair enzyme that can remove a variety of covalent adducts from DNA through hydrolysis of a 5'-phosphodiester bond, giving rise to DNA with a free 5' phosphate. It catalyzes the hydrolysis of dead-end complexes between DNA and the topoisomerase 2 (TOP2) active site tyrosine residue. TTRAP also hydrolyzes 5'-phosphoglycolates on protruding 5' ends on DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) due to DNA damage by radiation and free radicals. TTRAP may also act as a negative regulator of ETS1 and may inhibit nuclear factor-kappa-B activation [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)].
tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2
Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2
:  5'-Tyr-DNA phosphodiesterase 5'-tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase AD022 dJ30M3.3 EAP2 EAPII epididymis secretory sperm binding protein ETS1-associated protein 2 ETS1-associated protein II hTDP2 TRAF and TNF receptor-associated protein TTRAP tyr-DNA phosphodiesterase 2 tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2 tyrosyl-RNA phosphodiesterase VPg unlinkase More... Less...
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