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HELLS Antibody

HELLS, also known as LSH (lymphoid specific helicase), is a member of the SNF2 superfamily of chromatin helicases. HELLS is ubiquitously expressed and is required for the maintenance of normal DNA methylation patterns important to organism development. HELLS function has also been shown to be important to the regulation of proliferation and the expression of senescence-related genes.
helicase, lymphoid specific
Lymphoid-specific helicase
:  ICF4 LSH lymphoid-specific helicase Nbla10143 PASG proliferation-associated SNF2-like protein SMARCA6 SWI/SNF2-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily A member 6 SWI/SNF2-related, matrix-associated, actin-dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily A, member 6 More... Less...
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