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PathPlex® Panel 3 (CD3E, CD68, CD20), A810-003

PathPlex® Panel 3 (CD3E, CD68, CD20)

Recombinant Monoclonal

Alternate Names

  • CD20 antibody
  • CD3E antibody
  • CD68 antibody
  • MS4A1 antibody
  • B1 antibody
  • B-lymphocyte antigen CD20 antibody
  • B-lymphocyte cell-surface antigen B1 antibody
  • B-lymphocyte surface antigen B1 antibody
  • Bp35 antibody
  • CD antigen CD20 antibody
  • CD antigen CD3e antibody
  • CD antigen CD68 antibody
  • CD20 antibody
  • CD20 antigen antibody
  • CD20 receptor antibody
  • CD3e antigen, epsilon polypeptide (TiT3 complex) antibody
  • CD3e molecule, epsilon (CD3-TCR complex) antibody
  • CD3-epsilon antibody
  • CD68 antigen antibody
  • CVID5 antibody
  • GP110 antibody
  • IMD18 antibody
  • LAMP4 antibody
  • LEU-16 antibody
  • leukocyte surface antigen Leu-16 antibody
  • macrophage antigen CD68 antibody
  • macrosialin antibody
  • Membrane-spanning 4-domains subfamily A member 1 antibody
  • membrane-spanning 4-domains, subfamily A, member 1 antibody
  • MS4A2 antibody
  • S7 antibody
  • SCARD1 antibody
  • scavenger receptor class D, member 1 antibody
  • T3E antibody
  • T-cell antigen receptor complex, epsilon subunit of T3 antibody
  • T-cell surface antigen T3/Leu-4 epsilon chain antibody
  • T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 epsilon chain antibody
  • TCRE antibody