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CD98 Antibody, A304-331A

Rabbit anti-CD98 Antibody, Affinity Purified

Whole IgG

Alternate Names

  • CD98 antibody
  • SLC3A2 antibody
  • 4F2 antibody
  • 4F2 cell-surface antigen heavy chain antibody
  • 4F2 heavy chain antigen antibody
  • 4F2HC antibody
  • 4T2HC antibody
  • antigen defined by monoclonal antibody 4F2, heavy chain antibody
  • antigen identified by monoclonal antibodies 4F2, TRA1.10, TROP4, and T43 antibody
  • CD antigen CD98 antibody
  • CD98 antibody
  • CD98 heavy chain antibody
  • CD98HC antibody
  • lymphocyte activation antigen 4F2 large subunit antibody
  • MDU1 antibody
  • monoclonal antibody 44D7 antibody
  • NACAE antibody
  • solute carrier family 3 (activators of dibasic and neutral amino acid transport), member 2 antibody
  • solute carrier family 3 (amino acid transporter heavy chain), member 2 antibody
  • Solute carrier family 3 member 2 antibody