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Immunohistochemistry FAQs

How does Bethyl qualify IHC Antibodies for FFPE?

All IHC Antibodies are tested on tissue microarrays.

Can I use Bethyl IHC antibodies for IF?

Yes. See procedure listed on this web site.

Are there advantages to using Immunoperoxidase (DAB) over Immunofluorescence (IF) for IHC?

Yes, with immunoperoxidase (DAB) methods you have a permanent slide representing your data. The surrounding tissue is visible to further enhance your data. Also, autofluorescence can confound your data.

When is it best to use IF?

IF is appropriate for Immunocytochemisty (ICC).

What positive control tissue should I use?

Refer to the individual IHC Antibody data sheet. All IHC Antibody data sheets have images demonstrating positive staining.

How long should FFPE tissues be fixed to be suitable for immunohistochemisty?

Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues should be fixed in formaldehyde no longer than 24 hours. Tissues should not be thicker than 3mm to allow fixative penetration.