WDR79 Antibody

WD-repeat domain 79 (WDR79) contains six WD (tryptophan-aspartate) repeat domains found in a number of proteins that function as adaptor molecules in signal transduction and cytoskeletal organization. The WD repeat is defined by four or more repeating units of a conserved core of approximately 40 amino acids ending with tryptophan-aspartic acid (WD). WD repeats may serve as sites of protein-protein interaction for adaptor proteins and facilitate multiprotein complex formation. The function of the WDR79 protein has not been characterized, however significant and consistent single nucleotide polymorphisms in the WDR79 gene have been found to be associated with ER negative breast cancer.
WD repeat containing antisense to TP53
Telomerase Cajal body protein 1
:  DKCB3 FLJ10385 TCAB1 telomerase cajal body protein 1 WD repeat containing, antisense to TP53 WD repeat domain 79 WD repeat-containing protein 79 WD repeat-containing protein WRAP53 WD40 protein Wrap53 WD40 repeat-containing protein antisense to TP53 WD40 repeat-containing protein antisense to TP53 gene WD40 repeat-containing protein encoding RNA antisense to p53 WD-encoding RNA antisense to p53 WDR79 More... Less...
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