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PDE12 Antibody

PDE12 is an enzyme that cleaves 2',5'-phosphodiester bond linking adenosines of the 5'-triphosphorylated oligoadenylates, triphosphorylated oligoadenylates referred as 2-5A modulates the 2-5A system. This enzyme degraded triphosphorylated 2-5A to produce AMP and ATP. It also cleaves 3',5'-phosphodiester bond of oligoadenylates and plays a role as a negative regulator of the The 2-5A system that is one of the major pathways for antiviral and antitumor functions induced by interferons (IFNs). Suppression of this enzyme induces reduction of viral replication in Hela cells, thus counteracting the antiviral pathway probably by inhibiting the 2-5A system [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q6L8Q7].
phosphodiesterase 12
2',5'-phosphodiesterase 12
:  2',5'-phosphodiesterase 12 2'-PDE 2-PDE 2'-phosphodiesterase mitochondrial deadenylase
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