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GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 Antibody

General transcription factor 3C polypeptide 2 (GTF3C2/TFIIIC110) is a subunit of the TFIIIC DNA-binding factor required for transcription of tRNA and 5S rRNA genes by RNA polymerase III. Human TFIIIC is composed of six subunits: TFIIIC220, TFIIIC110, TFIIIC102, TFIIIC90 and TFIIIC63, and TFIIIC35. The functional contribution of GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 to the TFIIIC complex has not been fully determined. TFIIIC that is not associated with GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 has been purified, and it has been proposed that GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 functions to activate the TFIIIC complex for RNA polymerase III transcription. Recent studies argue against this model of GTF3C2/TFIIIC110 function.
general transcription factor IIIC subunit 2
General transcription factor 3C polypeptide 2
:  general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 2 (beta subunit, 110kD) general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 2, beta 110kDa KIAA0011 TF3C-beta TFIIIC 110 kDa subunit TFIIIC110 TFIIIC-BETA transcription factor IIIC 110 kDa subunit transcription factor IIIC subunit beta More... Less...
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