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GCN1L1 Antibody

GCN1L1 (general control of amino-acid synthesis 1 like 1) is structurally similar to GCN1, a yeast factor that associates with ribosomes and participates in translational elongation.
GCN1, eIF2 alpha kinase activator homolog
eIF-2-alpha kinase activator GCN1
:  eIF-2-alpha kinase activator GCN1 GCN1 (general control of amino-acid synthesis 1, yeast)-like 1 GCN1 eIF-2-alpha kinase activator homolog GCN1 general control of amino-acid synthesis 1-like 1 GCN1L GCN1L1 GCN1-like protein 1 general control of amino-acid synthesis 1-like protein 1 hsGCN1 peroxisome proliferator activated receptor interacting complex protein PRIC295 translational activator GCN1 More... Less...
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Human, Mouse, Rat
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