Drosha Antibody

Drosha is one of three human RNase III enzymes (Drosha, Dicer, and Argonaute) that play a diverse role in the processing and maturation of RNA. Drosha, along with DGCR8 (DeGeorge Syndrome Chromomsomal Region 8, also known as Pasha in C. elegans and D. melanogaster) is a component of the Microprocessor complex. In this complex, Drosha functions as a double-stranded endoribonuclease critical to the first step in the processing of human microRNAs. During this step, Drosha is responsible for cleaving pri-miRNA to yield hairpin-shaped pre-miRNA for futher processing by the cytoplasmic RNase III enzyme, Dicer.
drosha ribonuclease III
Ribonuclease 3
:  drosha, double-stranded RNA-specific endoribonuclease drosha, ribonuclease type III Etohi2 HSA242976 nuclear RNase III Drosha p241 protein Drosha putative protein p241 which interacts with transcription factor Sp1 putative ribonuclease III RANSE3L Ribonuclease III ribonuclease III, nuclear ribonuclease type III, nuclear RN3 RNase III RNASE3L RNASEN More... Less...
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