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CrkRS Antibody

CrkRS (Cdc2-related kinase, arginine/serine-rich) is a Cdc-2 related kinase that contains an arginine- and serine-rich (SR) domain and has recently been reported to interact with cyclin L1 and L2. Since it has been discovered that CrkRs pairs with a cyclin partner, it has also been given the name CDK12. CrkRs localizes to nuclear speckles and immunoprecipitates with RNA polymerse II and the SF2/ASF splicing factor and is proposed to play a role in the regulation of alternative splicing.
cyclin dependent kinase 12
Cyclin-dependent kinase 12
:  Cdc2-related kinase, arginine/serine-rich CDC2-related protein kinase 7 cell division cycle 2-related protein kinase 7 cell division protein kinase 12 CRK7 CRKR CRKRS cyclin-dependent kinase 12 hCDK12
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