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CHRAC1/CHRAC15 Antibody

Chromatin accessibility complex protein 1 (CHRAC1) is a histone-fold protein that interacts with other histone-fold proteins to bind DNA in a sequence-independent manner. These histone-fold protein dimers combine within larger enzymatic complexes for DNA transcription, replication, and packaging [taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (Gene ID: 54108)].
chromatin accessibility complex subunit 1
Chromatin accessibility complex protein 1
:  CHARC1 CHARC15 CHRAC-1 CHRAC15 CHRAC-15 chromatin accessibility complex 1 chromatin accessibility complex 15 kDa protein chromatin accessibility complex protein 1 DNA polymerase epsilon subunit p15 histone-fold protein CHRAC15 HuCHRAC15 YCL1
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