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CDC7 Antibody

Cell division cycle 7-related protein kinase 7 (CDC7) is critical for the activation and firing of replication origins during S-phase. Cdc7 kinase activity is activated and regulated by Dbf4. Substrates of CDC7 include the MCM (mini-chromosome maintenance) proteins, DNA polymerase alpha, Cdc45, Orc4, geminin and SV40 T-antigen. CDC7 has also been implicated to play a role in the DNA damage response. Alternative names for CDC7 include;CDC7L1, hsCDC7, huCDC7, and Hsk1.
cell division cycle 7
Cell division cycle 7-related protein kinase
:  CDC7 (cell division cycle 7, S. cerevisiae, homolog)-like 1 CDC7L1 CDC7-related kinase cell division cycle 7 homolog cell division cycle 7-like protein 1 cell division cycle 7-related protein kinase epididymis secretory sperm binding protein HsCDC7 Hsk1 huCDC7 More... Less...
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