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ATXN7L3 Antibody

Ataxin-7-like protein 3 (ATXN7L3) is a component of the transcription regulatory histone acetylation (HAT) complex SAGA, a multiprotein complex that activates transcription by remodeling chromatin and mediating histone acetylation and deubiquitination. Within the SAGA complex, ATXN7L3 participates in a subcomplex that specifically deubiquitinates both histones H2A and H2B [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) Q14CW9].
ataxin 7 like 3
Ataxin-7-like protein 3
:  ataxin 7-like 3 DKFZp761G2113 SAGA-associated factor 11 homolog
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