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APEH/AARE Antibody

APEH catalyzes the hydrolysis of the N-terminal peptide bond of an N-acetylated peptide to generate an N-acetylated amino acid and a peptide with a free N-terminus. It preferentially cleaves off Ac-Ala, Ac-Met and Ac-Ser  [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)].
acylaminoacyl-peptide hydrolase
Acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme
:  AARE ACPH acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme acylaminoacyl-peptidase acyl-peptide hydrolase APH D3F15S2 D3S48E DNF15S2 N-acylaminoacyl-peptide hydrolase OPH oxidized protein hydrolase
Ordering Information
Human, Mouse
Between 150 and 200