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PTPN3 Antibody

PTPN3 is a member of the protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) family. PTPs are known to be signaling molecules that regulate a variety of cellular processes including cell growth, differentiation, mitotic cycle, and oncogenic transformation.PTPN3 contains a C-terminal PTP domain and an N-terminal domain homologous to the band 4.1 superfamily of cytoskeletal-associated proteins. P97, a cell cycle regulator involved in a variety of membrane related functions, has been shown to be a substrate of this PTP. This PTP was also found to interact with, and be regulated by adaptor protein 14-3-3 beta. [taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (Gene ID: 5774)].
protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 3
Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 3
:  cytoskeletal-associated protein tyrosine phosphatase protein-tyrosine phosphatase H1 PTPH1 PTP-H1 tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 3
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