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LAP3 Antibody

LAP3 is a cytolosic metallopeptidase that catalyzes the removal of unsubstituted N-terminal hydrophobic amino acids from various peptides. The presence of Zn(2+) ions is essential for the peptidase activity, and the association with other cofactors can modulate the substrate spectificity of the enzyme.  [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)].
leucine aminopeptidase 3
Cytosol aminopeptidase
:  cytosol aminopeptidase epididymis secretory protein Li 106 HEL-S-106 LAP LAP-3 LAPEP Leucine aminopeptidase 3 leucyl aminopeptidase PEPS peptidase S proline aminopeptidase prolyl aminopeptidase
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