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C17orf85 Antibody

C17orf85 (NCBP3) associates with NCBP1/CBP80 to form an alternative cap-binding complex (CBC) which plays a key role in mRNA export. C17orf85 (NCBP3) serves as adapter protein linking the capped RNAs (m7GpppG-capped RNA) to NCBP1/CBP80. Unlike the conventional CBC with NCBP2 which binds both small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and messenger (mRNA) and is involved in their export from the nucleus, the alternative CBC with C17orf85 (NCBP3) does not bind snRNA and associates only with mRNA thereby playing a role in only mRNA export. The alternative CBC is particularly important in cellular stress situations such as virus infections and the C17orf85 (NCBP3) activity is critical to inhibit virus growth. [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q53F19].
nuclear cap binding subunit 3
Nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 3
:  C17orf85 CTD-3195I5.1 CTD-3195I5.5 ELG HSA277841 NCBP3 nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 3 Protein ELG
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