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RPS19BP1/AROS Antibody

The protein active regulator of SIRT1, also known as Ribosomal Protein S19 Binding Protein 1, is a direct regulator of SIRT1. By enhancing SIRT1-mediated deacetylation of p53/TP53 this protein participates in the inhibition of p53/TP53-mediated transcriptional activity. Active regulator of SIRT1 is encoded for by the gene RPS19BP1, also known as AROS or S19BP [taken from UniProtKB (Entry: Q86WX3)].
ribosomal protein S19 binding protein 1
Active regulator of SIRT1
:  40S ribosomal protein S19-binding protein 1 AROS FLJ21770 homolog of mouse S19 binding protein MGC52010 RPS19-binding protein 1 S19BP
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