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BCAR3 Antibody

BCAR3 (breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 3) was originally identified as a factor that confers resistance to anti-estrogens in breast cancer cells. BCAR3 contains a Ras-GEF domain and an SH2 domain. It is related to SHEP1 and NSP1 and is thought to also play a role as an adaptor protein that mediates integrin signaling to modulate cell adhesion and migration.
breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 3
Breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance protein 3
:  breast cancer antiestrogen resistance 3 protein dJ1033H22.2 (breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 3) novel SH2-containing protein 2 NSP2 SH2 domain-containing protein 3B SH2D3B
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