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AKAP9/CG-NAP Antibody

AKAP9/CG-NAP is a member of the A-kinase anchoring protein family that functions as a molecular scaffold for the subcellular compartmentalization of A- kinase signaling molecules. AKAP9/CG-NAP has been found to be critical to repolarization in the human heart. Defects in AKAP9/CG-NAP result in long QT syndrome type 11, a heart disorder characterized by ventricular arrhythmia and prolonged QT intervals. AKAP9/CG-NAP has been shown to form a multiprotein complex with the I(Ks) potassium channel subunit and play an essential role in its phosphorylation by PKA. AKAP9/CG-NAP is also important to centrosome and microtubule cytoskeletal organization.
A-kinase anchoring protein 9
A-kinase anchor protein 9
:  A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein (yotiao) 9 A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 9 AKAP 120-like protein AKAP 350 AKAP 450 AKAP-9 AKAP9-BRAF fusion protein A-kinase anchor protein 350 kDa A-kinase anchor protein 450 kDa A-kinase anchor protein, 350kDa A-kinase anchoring protein 450 centrosome- and Golgi-localized PKN-associated protein centrosome- and golgi-localized protein kinase N-associated protein CG-NAP hgAKAP 350 HYPERION KIAA0803 kinase N-associated protein LQT11 MU-RMS-40.16A PPP1R45 PRKA9 protein hyperion protein kinase A anchoring protein 9 Protein kinase A-anchoring protein 9 protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 45 protein yotiao YOTIAO More... Less...
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