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Rad17, Phospho Antibody

Rad17 is a cell cycle checkpoint protein that associates with the RFC complex to recruit the 9-1-1 complex (Rad9, Hus1, Rad1) to sites of DNA damage. At DNA lesions, Rad17 and RFC aid in the activation of Chk2 by ATM and ATRIP to trigger the checkpoint signaling cascade for G2 arrest.
RAD17 checkpoint clamp loader component
Cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD17
:  CCYC cell cycle checkpoint protein (RAD17) cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD17 HRAD17 R24L RAD1 homolog RAD17 homolog Rad17-like protein RAD17SP RAD24 RF-C activator 1 homolog RF-C/activator 1 homolog
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Human, Mouse
surrounding serine 645