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Rad17 Antibody

Rad17 is a cell cycle checkpoint gene required for cell cycle arrest and DNA damage repair in response to DNA damage. This protein shares strong similarity with DNA replication factor C (RFC), and can form a complex with RFCs. This protein binds to chromatin prior to DNA damage and is phosphorylated by the checkpoint kinase ATR following damage. This protein recruits the RAD1-RAD9-HUS1 checkpoint protein complex onto chromatin after DNA damage, which may be required for its phosphorylation. The phosphorylation of this protein is required for the DNA-damage-induced cell cycle G2 arrest, and is thought to be a critical early event during checkpoint signaling in DNA-damaged cells. [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) www.uniprot.org/uniprot/O75943].
RAD17 checkpoint clamp loader component
Cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD17
:  CCYC cell cycle checkpoint protein (RAD17) cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD17 HRAD17 R24L RAD1 homolog RAD17 homolog Rad17-like protein RAD17SP RAD24 RF-C activator 1 homolog RF-C/activator 1 homolog
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Human, Mouse
surrounding serine 645
between 564 and 614