RFC3 Antibody

The Replication factor C (RFC) heteropentamer includes RFC1, RFC2, RFC3, RFC4, and RFC5. The RFC heteropentamer is part of the multiprotein DNA replicase that functions to replicate DNA prior to cell division and repair DNA damage. RFC is the clamp loader ATPase associated with the DNA replicase. As the clamp loader, RFC uses ATP to recruit, open, and close the PCNA ring to link it to DNA for replication and repair. RFC3 is the 38 kDa subunit of RFC that is essential for the interaction between RFC1 and the core formed by RFC2, RFC4, and RFC5.
replication factor C subunit 3
Replication factor C subunit 3
:  A1 38 kDa subunit activator 1 38 kDa subunit activator 1 subunit 3 replication factor C (activator 1) 3, 38kDa replication factor C 38 kDa subunit replication factor C subunit 3 RF-C 38 kDa subunit RFC, 38 kD subunit RFC38
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