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PPAN Antibody

Peter Pan homolog (PPAN) is an evolutionarily conserved protein similar to yeast SSF1 as well as to the gene product of the Drosophila gene peter pan (ppan). SSF1 is known to be involved in the second step of mRNA splicing. Both SSF1 and ppan are essential for cell growth and proliferation. Exogenous expression of this gene was reported to reduce the anchorage-independent growth of some tumor cells [taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (Gene ID: 56342)].
peter pan homolog
Suppressor of SWI4 1 homolog
:  brix domain-containing protein 3 BXDC3 homolog of S. cerevisiae SSF1 Peter Pan homolog second-step splicing factor 1 SSF SSF1 SSF-1 SSF2 suppressor of sterile four 1 suppressor of SWI4 1 homolog
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