P4HB/PDI Antibody

P4HB is a multifunctional protein catalyzes the formation, breakage and rearrangement of disulfide bonds. At the cell surface, P4HB seems to act as a reductase that cleaves disulfide bonds of proteins attached to the cell. Inside the cell, it seems to form/rearrange disulfide bonds of nascent proteins. At high concentrations, P4HB functions as a chaperone that inhibits aggregation of misfolded proteins. At low concentrations, it facilitates aggregation (anti-chaperone activity) [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P07237].
prolyl 4-hydroxylase subunit beta
Protein disulfide-isomerase
:  cellular thyroid hormone-binding protein CLCRP1 collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase beta DSI ERBA2L GIT glutathione-insulin transhydrogenase P4Hbeta p55 PDI PDIA1 PHDB PO4DB PO4HB procollagen-proline, 2-oxoglutarate 4-dioxygenase (proline 4-hydroxylase), beta polypeptide PROHB Prolyl 4-hydroxylase subunit beta prolyl 4-hydroxylase, beta polypeptide protein disulfide isomerase family A, member 1 protein disulfide isomerase/oxidoreductase protein disulfide isomerase-associated 1 protein disulfide-isomerase protocollagen hydroxylase testicular secretory protein Li 32 thyroid hormone-binding protein p55 More... Less...
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