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OAZ Antibody

Olf1/EBF-associated zinc finger protein (OAZ) is a transcription factor that can act as either an activator or a repressor depending on the context. OAZ plays a central role in BMP signaling and olfactory neurogenesis. It associates with SMADs in response to BMP2 leading to activate transcription of BMP target genes. OAZ also acts as a transcriptional repressor via its interaction with EBF1, a transcription factor involved in terminal olfactory receptor neurons differentiation. OAZ is involved in olfactory neurogenesis by participating in a developmental switch that regulates the transition from differentiation to maturation in olfactory receptor neurons. Additionally, OAZ controls proliferation and differentiation of neural precursors in cerebellar vermis formation [taken from the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)].
zinc finger protein 423
Zinc finger protein 423
:  early B-cell factor associated zinc finger protein Ebfaz hOAZ JBTS19 NPHP14 OAZ OLF-1/EBF associated zinc finger olf1/EBF-associated zinc finger protein Roaz Smad- and Olf-interacting zinc finger protein Zfp104 ZFP423 zinc finger protein 423
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