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KANK1 Antibody

The gene that encodes KANK1 (KN motif and ANKyrin repeat-domain-containing protein 1) was originally identified in a chromosomal region that exhibited loss of heterozygosity in renal cell carcinoma. KANK1 bears five ankyrin repeats and a conserved motif at the N-terminus which contains motifs for nuclear localization and export signals (KN-motif). It functions to regulate actin stress fiber formation and has been found to be a substrate of Akt and to bind 14-3-3.
KN motif and ankyrin repeat domains 1
KN motif and ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 1
:  ANKRD15 ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 15 CPSQ2 KANK kidney ankyrin repeat-containing protein KN motif and ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 1
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