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DLG5 Antibody

DLG5 (discs large homolog 5) is a member of the family of discs large (DLG) homologs, a subset of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase (MAGUK) superfamily. The MAGUK proteins are composed of a catalytically inactive guanylate kinase domain, in addition to PDZ and SH3 domains, and are thought to function as scaffolding molecules at sites of cell-cell contact. DLG5 localizes to the plasma membrane and cytoplasm, and interacts with components of adherens junctions and the cytoskeleton. It is proposed to function in the transmission of extracellular signals to the cytoskeleton and in the maintenance of epithelial cell structure [taken from NCBI GeneID:9231].
discs large MAGUK scaffold protein 5
Disks large homolog 5
:  discs large protein LP-DLG discs large protein P-dlg discs, large homolog 5 disks large homolog 5 large type of P-DLG LP-DLG PDLG P-DLG5 placenta and prostate DLG
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