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BAF53A Antibody

BAF53A is a 53kd subunit of the BAF (BRG1/brm-associated factor) complex, a SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling and histone acetyltransferase complex that functions in the regulation of gene transcription. In the BAF complex, BAF53A is important to the ATPase activity of SMARCA4/BRG1 and the association of the BAF complex with chromatin. BAF53A also appears to be important to the formation of higher-order chromatin structure and has been shown to associate with mitotic chromosomes. Recently, BAF53A has been found to interact with p53 and repress p53-mediated gene transcription in a BRG1-independent manner.
actin like 6A
Actin-like protein 6A
:  53 kDa BRG1-associated factor A actin-like protein 6A actin-related protein 4 actin-related protein Baf53a ACTL6 Arp4 arpNbeta ARPN-BETA BAF complex 53 kDa subunit BAF53 BAF53A BRG1-associated factor 53A hArpN beta INO80 complex subunit K INO80K
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Human, Mouse
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