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RbBP4 Antibody

RbBP4 is a member of the WD-repeat subfamily of proteins and is a component of multiple complexes involved in chromatin assembly, histone deacetylation, and transcriptional repression. RbBP4 has also been identified as a retinoblastoma (Rb) binding protein and plays a role in the repression of E2F-regulated genes in association with Rb and histone deacetylases.
RB binding protein 4, chromatin remodeling factor
Histone-binding protein RBBP4
:  CAF-1 subunit C CAF-I 48 kDa subunit CAF-I p48 chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit C chromatin assembly factor I p48 subunit chromatin assembly factor/CAF-1 p48 subunit histone-binding protein RBBP4 lin-53 MSI1 protein homolog nucleosome-remodeling factor subunit RBAP48 NURF55 RBAP48 RBBP-4 retinoblastoma-binding protein 4 retinoblastoma-binding protein p48 More... Less...
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