DAXX Antibody

Death-associated protein (DAXX) is a multifunctional protein originally identified as a FAS-interacting protein that modulates FAS-induced cell death. The involvement of DAXX in apoptosis has been difficult to understand, and its exact function in this process has only partially been elucidated. DAXX appears to also function as a transcriptional co-repressor and has been found to associate with the SNF2 chromatin-remodeling ATPase, alpha-thalassemia syndrome protein (ATRX), and modulate transcription.
death domain associated protein
Death domain-associated protein 6
:  BING2 CENP-C binding protein DAP6 Daxx death domain-associated protein 6 death-associated protein 6 EAP1 ETS1-associated protein 1 fas death domain-associated protein Fas-binding protein hDaxx
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