NISCH Antibody

Nischarin (NISCH) is a nonadrenergic imidazoline-1 receptor protein that localizes to the cytosol and anchors to the inner layer of the plasma membrane. The orthologous mouse protein has been shown to influence cytoskeletal organization and cell migration by binding to alpha-5-beta-1 integrin. In humans, this protein has been shown to bind to the adapter insulin receptor substrate 4 (IRS4) to mediate translocation of alpha-5 integrin from the cell membrane to endosomes. Expression of NISCH was reduced in human breast cancers while its overexpression reduced tumor growth and metastasis; possibly by limiting the expression of alpha-5 integrin. In human cardiac tissue, this gene was found to affect cell growth and death while in neural tissue it affected neuronal growth and differentiation[taken from NCBI Entrez Gene (Gene ID: 11188)].
:  hIRAS I-1 I-1 receptor candidate protein I1R I1R candidate protein imidazoline receptor 1 imidazoline receptor antisera selected Imidazoline receptor antisera-selected protein Imidazoline-1 receptor Imidazoline-1 receptor candidate protein IR1 IRAS nischarin
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