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SMAR1/BANP Antibody

SMAR1/BANP was identified as a protein that binds the scaffold/matrix associated region of the T-cell receptor beta locus (SMAR1) and as a protein that interacts with BTG3, a member of structurally related proteins that regulate cell proliferation (BANP- BTG-associated nuclear protein). SMAR1/BANP is a DNA binding protein that is reported to be a tumor suppressor and transcriptional repressor. SMAR1/BANP can down-regulate cyclin D1 transcription by binding to the cyclin D1 promoter and through its interaction with HDAC1 (histone deacetylase 1). SMAR1 has also been shown to interact with p53 and modulate its activity.
BTG3 associated nuclear protein
Protein BANP
:  BEN domain-containing protein 1 BEND1 Btg3-associated nuclear protein protein BANP scaffold/matrix-associated region-1-binding protein SMAR1 SMARBP1
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