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PNN/Pinin Antibody

PNN is a nuclear and cell adhesion-related protein involved in cell adhesion, mRNA processing, and transcriptional regulation. PNN functions as a transcriptional regulator by relieving CtBP1-mediated repression of the E-cadherin gene. In the role of mRNA processing, PNN functions as a splicing regulator. The role of PNN in transcription and mRNA processing suggests the role of PNN as a coupling factor for the two processes.
pinin, desmosome associated protein
:  140 kDa nuclear and cell adhesion-related phosphoprotein desmosome-associated protein domain-rich serine protein DRS DRS protein DRSP melanoma metastasis clone A protein memA neutrophil protein nuclear protein SDK3 SDK3 SR-like protein
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Human, Mouse
Between 667 and C-term