AF4 Antibody

Rabbit anti-AF4 Antibody, Affinity Purified
AF4 AntibodyAF4 Antibody
  • AF4 Antibody
  • AF4 Antibody

Gene and Protein Information


  • Benito JM et al. MLL-Rearranged Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias Activate BCL-2 through H3K79 Methylation and Are Sensitive to the BCL-2-Specific Antagonist ABT-199. Cell Rep. 2015 Dec 29;13(12):2715-27.
  • Lu H et al. Gene target specificity of the Super Elongation Complex (SEC) family: how HIV-1 Tat employs selected SEC members to activate viral transcription. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015;43(12):5868-79.
  • Kowarz E et al. Optimized Sleeping Beauty transposons rapidly generate stable transgenic cell lines. Biotechnol J. 2015;10(4):647-53. WB
  • Esposito G et al. Protein network study of human AF4 reveals its central role in RNA Pol II-mediated transcription and in phosphorylation-dependent regulatory mechanisms. Biochem J. 2011 Aug 15;438(1):121-31. WB
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