Sirt1 Antibody

Sirt1 is one of seven members of the sirtuin family of proteins that are homologous to the yeast silent information regulator 2 (Sir2), a NAD+-dependent protein deacetylase that plays a role in lifespan in lower eukaryotes. The sirtuins are diverse in their cellular functions, and are important to the regulation of oxidative stress, and metabolism. Sirt 1 is localized to the nucleus and possesses deacetylase activity. Sirt 1 has been shown to be able to deacetylate p53, Ku70, NF-kappaB and forkhead proteins to mediate cellular resistance to stress.
    Product Specifications
    Catalog # Size Price
    Sirt1 AntibodyReactivity: Human
    Applications: WB, IP
    Immunogen: Between 25 and 75
    A300-687A100 µl (0.2 mg/ml) $339Add to Cart
    A300-687A-M100 µl (10 blots) $229Add to Cart
    A300-687A-T20 µl (2 blots) $50Add to Cart
    Sirt1 AntibodyReactivity: Human
    Applications: WB, IP, PLA
    Immunogen: Between 700 and C-term
    A300-688A100 µl (0.2 mg/ml) $339Add to Cart
    A300-688A-M100 µl (10 blots) $229Add to Cart
    A300-688A-T20 µl (2 blots) $50Add to Cart
    Applications: WB, IP, PLA
    Reactivity: Human
    Includes: 1 each of A300-687A and A300-688A
    A310-204A1 Pack $472Add to Cart

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