RPA70 Antibody

Replication protein A (RPA) is a multisubunit complex that carries out DNA mismatch repair (MMR) in association with MSH2 (a subunit of human MutS heterodimers), MLH1 (a subunit of human MutL heterodimers), PCNA, and DNA polymerase-delta. RPA is composed of a heterotrimer that includes subunits of 70 kDa (RPA1), 32kDa (RPA2), and 14kDa (RPA3). RPA1, the 70 kDa subunit, is an ssDNA binding protein that has been shown to be phosphorylated by ATM and ATR in response to DNA damage. In addition to a role in MMR, RPA also functions in the initiation of DNA replication and DNA unwinding at origins of replication.
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