PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha Antibody

PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha (cAMP-dependent protein kinase type II-alpha regulatory subunit) is one of 4 isoforms of regulatory subunits of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA). RI and RII are the two major classes of regulatory subunits. RI and RII each have an alpha and beta isoform. The regulatory subunits perform non-redundant functions as receptors for CAMP signals and for the differential regulation of PKA activity. The PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha functions as an inhibitor of the PKA holoenzyme. PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha subunits have been found to interact with A-kinase anchoring proteins (AKAPs), proteins that function to target the subcellular localization of PKA.
    Product Specifications
    Catalog # Size Price
    PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha AntibodyReactivity: Human
    Applications: WB, IP, IHC-P, IF
    Immunogen: Between 50 and 100
    A301-670A100 µl (0.2 mg/ml) $339Add to Cart
    A301-670A-M100 µl (10 blots) $229Add to Cart
    A301-670A-T20 µl (2 blots) $50Add to Cart
    PRKAR2A/PKA-RIIalpha IHC AntibodyApplications: IHC-P, IF
    Reactivity: Human
    Immunogen: Between 50 and 100
    IHC-00599100 µl (50+ slides) $360Add to Cart
    IHC-00599-T10 µl (5+ slides) $50Add to Cart

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