NUP96 Antibody

The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is a structure that spans the nuclear envelope and provides a conduit between the nucleus and cytoplasm for the nucleocytoplasmic transport of macromolecules. The main components of the NPC are nucleoporins. There are about 30 different human Nups that have been identified. Nup96 is a 96 kDa protein generated from a 186 kDa precursor. The proteolytic cleavage of the 186 kDa precursor also results in a 98 kDa nucleoporin, Nup98. Nup96 and Nup98 have been shown to interact with each other and both play a role in bidirectional transport across the NPC. The NUP98 gene localizes to tumor-suppressor region associated with several types of cancer.
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