NARG1 Antibody

NARG1 (NMDA receptor-regulated 1) is also known as NATH (N-acetyltransferase). The NARG1 gene, along with NARG2 and NARG3, was originally identified as a gene regulated by NMDA receptors in developing neurons. The NARG1 gene was found to be a homolog of a yeast N-terminal acetyltransferase that functions in control of the G(0) phase of the cell cycle. NARG1 was also identified as NATH in experiments set out to identify genes differentially expressed in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). The NATH protein has been shown to form a complex with human ARD1 where they function as an acetyltransferase and interact with ribosomal subunits. The ARD1/NATH complex plays an important role in cell survival.
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