ARID2 Antibody

The SWI/SNF-related, matrix-associated, actin-dependent regulators of chromatin (SMARC), also called BRG1-associated factors (BAFs), have been identified as components of the human SWI/SNF-like chromatin-remodeling protein complexes. SWI/SNF complexes possess ATPase and DNA helicase activity that promotes transcriptional activation of genes normally repressed by chromatin structure. ARID2 (AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 2) is also known as BAF200 and was purified as a factor that associated with PBAF (hSWI/SNF-B). ARID2 is a noncatalytic subunit that is a member of the ARID (AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein) family of DNA binding proteins. In addition to the ARID domain, ARID2 also contains a C2H2-type zinc finger and has been implicated as a transcriptional co-activator for serum response factor for the regulation of cardiac genes.
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