AKAP8L/HA95 Antibody

AKAP8L/HA95 is a PKA anchoring protein that is localized to the nuclear envelope and associates with chromatin upon nuclear envelope breakdown during mitosis. AKAP8L/HA95 has been found to play an important role in the initiation of DNA replication and may function as a scaffold for proteins such as MCM2 and LAP2beta. Additionally, AKAP8L/HA95 has been shown to co-locate with the PKA C subunit in splicing factor compartments and is involved in the regulation of pre-mRNA splicing. Further support for a scaffolding and splicing role in the nucleus comes from the observation that AKAP8L/HA95 colocalizes with HypA, a splicing-like factor, and through this association may function as a docking site for the nuclear accumulation of Huntington protein as seen in Huntington’s disease.
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